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Třeboň Basin Biosphere Reserve

Local partner: Administration of Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area

Designation: 1977

Area: 700 km2

Population: 28500

Features and challenges: For centuries, the local economy has used the landscape and its natural and cultural heritage in a sensitive way. The traditional branches of the economy are fish-farming, with a system of ancient fishponds, agriculture, forestry, and also extraction of sand, gravel and peat. Recently, tourism and a spa industry form a growing segment of the economy. Two principal discourses dominate the present and future development of the region: focused on socioeconomic and on nature conservation goals. The BR searches for a balance between the conservation of local natural and cultural heritage and the socio-economic aspirations of local communities, with the aim of fostering sustainable strategies of local development.

Potential role of heritage narratives and expected outcomes: Drivers of globalisation are degrading local qualities such as identity and traditional culture, including the relationship of people to their land and history as economic growth is sought. Narratives that include both cultural and natural heritage in discourse and development will strengthen local identity and enhance sustainable lifestyles.

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