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Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere

Local partner: Nordhordland Development Company

Designation: 2019

Area: 6698 km2

Population: 55000

Features and challenges: Nordhordland constitutes a central part of Western Norway.

The natural environment is full of contrasts: from the coast, protected by a wide archipelago, with extensive fjord systems, to steep valleys with woodland and farmland, rising into the high mountains. Livelihoods range from traditional farming and fishing to modern industry, including oil and gas, hydroelectric power and aquaculture. There is ongoing, large-scale energy development, residential and commercial infrastructure within a dynamic rural, peri-urban, and urban matrix landscape, close to the major city of Bergen. Phasing out fossil fuels and making a green transition to more sustainable resource uses are the biggest challenges.

Potential role of heritage narratives and expected outcomes: Communities in the BR seek ways to develop industries and businesses sustainably based on their cultural values, safely anchored in a culture with roots stretching far back into history. We will use best-practice knowledge of the past, fuse it with current needs and methods, to build solutions for a better future.

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